Mike Kaul's School of Fly Fishing

Pinedale's Fly Fishing Professor
Photographer: Rob Shaul
Learn the Art of Fly Fishing in Wyoming

Fly Fishing made easy and enjoyable:

  • Simplified Instruction
  • Immediate Water Application
  • Experienced Fly Fisher Staff
  • Beginning Programs
  • Skill Improvement Seminars
  • Flexible Training Sessions
  • Private or Group Instruction
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Federation Of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor
Casting a Fly in Wyoming Offers
  • Special connection to natural beauty
  • Intimate relationship with clear water
  • Opportunity for respite and solitude
  • Chance for relaxation and restoration
Instruction Goals:

Simplify the basic tenets of fly casting and fishing so the student will be able to immediately enjoy this activity on Wyoming's wonderful waterways.

Who are the Students?

  • Beginners and experienced fly fishers
  • Historically, over half of our students are beginners, one third of which are women. We enjoy working with youngsters and find age ten is a good time to start this learning process.

Design of the Instruction:

Beginners are provided a basic understanding of fly casting mechanics, and an opportunity to practice these skills. The student will learn about equipment used in fly casting and how to rig and care for the equipment. The instruction includes safety aspects of fly casting and provides an introduction to common terms associated with the sport of fly fishing.

The student will also be shown how to tie basic knots and receive an introduction to the types of artificial flies used in this area.

Experienced fly fishers will receive a refresher on fundamentals and assistance in refining casting and fishing skills.

Eighty per cent of the instruction is “hands-on” and designed to allow the students to immediately apply their skills to a fly fishing situation.

Whether you want to spend a couple of hours or all summer learning to fly fish, we can accommodate you.

The Principle Instructor

MIKE KAUL is from Pinedale, Wyoming located at the foot of the Wind River Mountains and the Bridger Wilderness. This area produces the headwaters of a multitude of outstanding trout streams to include the renowned Green and New Fork Rivers. Mike has taken every opportunity in the past 48 years to chase these wiley trout with a fly rod. Starting under the tutelage of his grandfather at age 8, Mike studied and practiced the fly fishing craft with great zeal. He has introduced fly fishing to many individuals of all ages and backgrounds over the years and enjoys working with beginners who want to learn the art of fly casting and fly fishing. Mike is a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Fly Casting Instructor.

  • Individual.......................................................$45/hr
  • Two Individuals............................................$60/hr
  • Each Additional Ind. (Max. 4).....................$25/hr
  • Rod & Reel Rental/Session......................$10
  • Larger group rates upon request
  • One or two day lessons are available for private groups.
  • Half, full and 3-day sessions available
    Email us for detailed information

*Two hour minimum for all sessions

Mike Kaul

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